Welcome Welcome and lovely greetings from Morocco, we are back and fresher than ever !!!

Let’s get right into it: The first release we have for you today is the Magical Folkish Band “Projekt Kobieta” from Poland

Their track “Dab” (Oak Tree) is based on the singers experience in Sicily and the magic experience with a 200 year old oak tree, enjoy !

Wow !We recorded 7 videos in 7 day’s when we arrived to Morocco

Additionally we produced a Rap track in 4 day’s !

The beat is spiced up with Traditional Instruments from Morocco and Chile, like the QraQeb, Goumbri, Djembe, Ceremonial drum and much more T

The mix of Egyptian Darbuka and Moroccan QraQeb with a Rockn’N’Roll guitar solo on top is unique, enjoy !


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Meanwhile we are recording like crazy, stay tuned for more !!!