What’s up !

Lots of news and changes, let’s go !

We can share new music from our Morocco Travel and have Part I and Part II from the ultimate Moroccan Jam session for you!

14 musicians played before their final big gig during the Festival of Andalusian Music in Essaouira – A big thing !

We met in the wonderful Rijad and setup our mic’s, waiting for the musicians from 3 different Orchestras:

  • Andalucious from Israel
  • Anass Belchachemi and his Orchestra from Morocco
  • Hay Korkos from Israel

I pressed Record and then magic happened – Here you go:

Part I

Part II

The videos are a bit improvised as we started and didn’t had great equipment to record in dark places

No worries – we bought new cams and are setup to bring you best quality video !

Let’s move on, we also released the first artiststhat was recorded in Essaouira after a long time with Artist Bassam Joyn (feat. Ayoub Saidi) enjoy the song and check the story behind in the youtube channel:

And what else – we recorded many many more artists and have a big bunch of different music for you coming out soon 🙂

We leave Krakow after 4 years and move now to our new Camping mobile to record more artists from all around the world

This means we will start our Vlog on YouTube where you can follow us during our travel – isn’t that awesome ???

The Youtube channel have some changes + new URL, check it out: Hit The Road Music Studio on YT- don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest updates !




Welcome and thanks for watching – stay tuned for more