The Andalusian Orchestra & Hay Korkos & Andalucious Live

Hey Hey,

I’m happily stuck in the mancave, producing 3 Albums and still several single artists, so it’s going amazingly well !!!

Enjoy this new release, still from our Record Session in Morocco Essaouira where Masters met spontaneously !

I had again 40 min. for Setup and Soundcheck and for this I’m more than happy of the result !! Enjoy Musicians from:

The Andalusian Orchestra, directed Artist Anas Belhachemi

Andalucious, directed by Artist Elad Levi

And Singer Hay Korkos together !

Fantastic ! <3 Check also my Facebook page and you can follow the Recording Process for Koltuns new Album that will be released 2019 !!! We did the Drums, Bass and Rhythm Guitars while I’m not recording their guitar solo’s and more Rhythm accents !!! Get the Bass – Drum and Guitar video with an exclusive sneak peek here >> To the Videos <<


Stay tuned for more !! thanks for checking !!!