Sahara Blues Band Daraa Tribes sitting in traditional clothes

Sahara Blues with Daraa Tribes + Female Power with Emma Sahara

Welcome to 2020, I hope you had a great and healthy start 🙂

Lovely greetings from the Sahara, We go straight to the point with 5 new bands in January 2020 + Band interviews

Check out the wonderful Band “Daraa Tribes” from Tagounite, we recorded 2 videos and 1 interview

What do you think ?

Hear the story behind the Band, what inspires them and where the name “Daraa Tribes” comes from in this Interview

We spent 5 nights in the desert and met a Woman dance therapy group from Catalunya 🙂

Good that I had 2 microphones and a mobile recorder with, get the full power of good vibes with

Emma Sahara and the Pachamama’s


Thank you and stay tuned for more great music !!!