Hey Hey,

I did not forgot about you but I’m quite busy with 3 Album productions, getting the Mobile Recording Van and more 🙂

This time we went to Israel and Palestine for 10 days with the Mobile Studio in the Hand luggage, pretty crazy thing and quite fun at the borders.

We saw amazing concerts with 40 people involved, met wonderful people and had the chance to record 7 Brand new songs for you with 4 different, unique artists !

We have already the first release with our soulful friend Alon Melamed from Israel, don’t forget to turn on the translation, it’s in Hebru – what I like with the song is, that the message and mood comes over to you, even if you don’t know the words, enjoy:



Wonderful, also we have the second track from artist Ariel Keynan, a wonderful Ballad:



Stay tuned for more tracks, this spring is starting good !!! Check also my instagram for more updates and enjoy your day !

Write me, ask me questions, your feedback is more than welcome – all the time !