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Recording Cheap Flights + KYZZ + Koltun

Hey everyone,

There are many projects running at the same time and I like to share some pic’s.

Recording 3 Tracks with the Band “Cheap Flights” from Krakow/Poland, the last 4 sessions were just amazing fun and we pushed their songs to the next level, so better stay tuned for more.


Here with Drumer Andre Malho

Soundguy fixing guitar

Your Guitar breaks during the session ? Let me fix that !

I finished the Production for the Polish Band “Koltun” – 10 Tracks were Recorded, Mixed and Master by Hit The Road Music Studio and will be available soon.

This was a great experience and we became such good friends that I’m hired for some shows with them as a guitar player ūüôā

Also I had the opportunity to¬†compose and play the backing Guitars and Solo’s for this album, amazing.


We are moving on with the Band “KYZZ” from Portugal and running to the direction to finish the recordings after several re-composing sessions to bring each track to the highest level and quality.


And again, we had this amazing connection from Musician to Musician, from human to human, from Rock’n’Roller to Rock’n’Roller so I’m hired for the Band as a guitar player as well.

Sound guy

bass recording

Bass Session

There is nothing better than producing music and making music, stay tuned for more and thanks for checking !

Although I’m quite booked, feel free to contact me for future projects and bring your songs to the next level and reach out to more listeners and fans all around the Globe

Music is about touching the person and I can help you to achieve a record that goes beyond technical specifications  to let your emotion shine through and bring your idea and feeling to the listener.


                                                                   Stay tuned for more, thanks for reading,


Ady the Soundguy