My work & offer


Book me for your next recording session to track your songs the way you want them - Fat sounds, creativity and a good time are the key !


I Mix your songs and bring a new Element to your tracks to reach a new level for your creative vision and to be competitive with commercial tunes


Your mix is ready but didn't sound like a commercial record ? Send me your tracks for a fat and clean Master in commercial norms & Audio standards

Guitar Composing Services

Need additional Rhythm guitars or cranked up solo's for your track ? I can spice it up the way you like it !

Podcast Services

Experience in Podcast Production, from Recording, natural breath and break editing to Mixing and Standard Level master

Enjoy the music

Here you will find many tracks I produced

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Cheap Flights - Waterfall | Recorded - Mix - Mastering

Motorhead – Electricity | Mix | Stems as part of ProMix Academy

Snakebite – Stone | Mix, Guitars, add. Production | Multitracks are part of the Produce like A Pro Academy

Acme Anvil Corp – Momma Cat | Mix | Copyright by Electric Owl Works, NY as part of PLAP Academy

Jazz Trio "B-Sides" - Lullaby in Birdland

Full production | Record | Mix | Master

Jazz Trio "B-Sides" from Krakow/Poland - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered

Simo Curly – Obscure Live in Morocco – Record, Mix & Master

Skinny Pigeon – Aggressive Authority | Produced, Rec, Mix & Master

Koltun – Tam Gdzie Jestes ty – Full Album production + guitar solo’s

- What will you get -

Whatever you choose, I will make it a personal experience and help you as an artist, to prepare and get the best out of your performance.

I will join your rehearsal or live gig to review the songs you want to record, to get the feeling and story behind every track.

We will meet and I guide you through the full recording process, show you the tools, Mic's, Amps and guitar pedals I use and example tracks I made.

When we both agree that we are ready, we will book the studio and start the Session.

Later I can provide you the blank tracks or make the Mix / Master for you, from the beginning to the release

You have more questions ? Get in Touch with me and we will get this thing rollin'