Services & Work

Editing & Podcast Service

I have experience from editing Podcasts to Vocal comping and adjusting Drum Takes ! Hire me for your clean edit's

(Remote) Recording

Book me for your next recording session - Big sound, creative space and a good time - Remote Recording possible

Remote Mixing

I Mix your songs, realise your creative vision and emphasise your message to the World


Your mix is ready but didn't sound like a commercial record ? Send me your tracks for a fat and clean Master in commercial norms & Audio standards

Guitar Composing Services

Need additional Rhythm guitars or cranked up solo's for your track ? I can spice it up the way you like it

You have the option for free Mastering when you decide to get a track mixed by me

Not sure yet ? Get your free test Master here

Remote Recording & Mixing available, more infos in FAQ/Booking

I will make it a personal experience and help you as an artist to prepare and get the best out of your performance and Song's

You will get a competitive Mix that represent you and the Bands vision

You have more questions ? Get in Touch with me and we will get this thing rollin'