Wow wow wow, welcome !

This month was intensive and a lot of things changed and happened, so let’s start with new music 🙂

We released the second song with Multi Instrumentalist Baba Diabate from Bamako/Mali, check it out and bring sunshine to your house !

I started now a new Podcast, called Sound Guy stories, where I tell you the stories behind the songs that we record during our travel.

You get technical details, funny stories and hopefully a motivation to start your own project, check it out:

That’s not all !

We are on Patreon now, support our project so we can reach the goal to finally pay musicians and support their families while we record them – You get exclusive videos, join a chat community with unique updates, get songs from our catalog and even mixing lessons / mix reviews with me 🙂

For sure something for everyone 🙂 Check it out here:

Lovely greetings from the Sahara, we are currently making a documentary and record a Album with Matias Coulon, when everything works we will release the first single in December 2019

Thank you for your support,


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