Hey everybody,

I hope you are doing fine ! Today we share a special gift that is from us to the Amazigh people world wide

This is a message from Poet, Musician and Art Professor Moha Mallal from Mallal Band Music  

He have a beautiful message to the young artists of the world and support his culture: Amazigh

It is in french – I don’t speak french but he explained us the answers as good as he could

Check out the Songs and Video “Azaza” and “Agdid” that we recorded with him

Btw – he have a Recording Studio with only one microphone and recorded 50 Amazigh Bands with this setup

It was so amazing that we left him a new microphone as a gift to support him 🙂
mallal band music gets a microphone from me

A new friendship is made ! Thank you for this good time Moha,

Ady + Kasia