Hey Hey,

Lovely greetings from North Africa, currently in Morocco where the sun shines every day !

We start with great news and more releases, this time with Chilean artists Matias Coulon on the Pan Drum recorded during our Travel in Morocco.

This is a meditative song, enjoy the video and the sound of the Pan Drum:

We came back to Record in Essaouira for 2019 because of this big variety and talent of the local musicians, Sunshine and good vibes.

That describes multi instrumentalist Baba Diabate from Bamako, the capital of Mali, where music shines through the peoples heart.

Enjoy the first song that is called “Baba” performed with the African Guitar called Kora, his powerful voice and the wonderful solo with Talking Drums – The reverb in the drums is real, it was super loud in the city and shoot back to the mic’s, fascinating.

I’m working on a new Podcast called “Producer Stories” as we all have a lot of them !

Soundguy and Baba recording on the Roof

In this podcast you will get the stories behind the tracks we recorded during our travel as a motivation for new Sound Engineers 🙂



Stay tuned for more, thanks for checking !



Ady the Soundguy