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Discover many free resources to improve your Recording & Mixing skills

Here you will find a summary of inspiring, free learning material from youtube and other sources like books (not for free), free mixing stems and more.

I recommend several videos that explain all about Audio Engineering for beginners, the way how the greatest hit’s were recorded and deep insight and explanation with a few comments from my site, what I like about it.

Man, I hope this material help to shape your skills as much as it did to me, enjoy and never forget – What sounds good, is good !

Please note, this content is not sponsored by any company – it’s my own research in the past years and near future, so this page will be constantly updated.

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At first I highly recommend you the Gear Club Podcast!

It’s great fun and packed with ton’s of informations and inspiration from top engineers – don’t miss that !

Recording & Mixing Videos

Mixing – Mastering – Producing

The Boss Steve Albini, from “Electrical Audio” and a very good interview. It impresses me how neutral he see’s our job, how professional and with a focus on what needs to be done at the end of the day – No big emotions, no “fairy dust” and a good way to handle with record labels and advise/recommendations from people to change a song – The Band is the focus !

Warren Huart from “Produce Like a Pro” have a fantastic new series of videos where he analyse the way our favourite songs were produced.

He discuss the Single tracks and invite the Producer for an interview to go through the song, very informative and inspiring !

Sign up for the news letter and you will get one full song to mix with all stems, free drum samples (Used also in Aerosmith Albums) and 2 free tutorials (How to record drums and Piano) including stems ! Thanks Warren !

One of my Number #1 favorite producers “Evil” Joe Barresi

He had his fingers on almost all my favorite records, from the Melvins to QOTSA, Monster Magnet and Tool.

Check out the amazing series “Show us your Junk” from “Earth Quaker devices”, there are many many many … many episodes !

I found an amazing series with straight information only – no magic – and it just Rocks !

Every plugin described easily and in deep how it work, with frequency curves, tips and tricks and very very good sound examples so you can get a feel for what really happens

Check it out and subscribe definitely to the channel of Andrei Martinez Agras:

Now, check this out ! I started my own podcast, called Soundguy Stories where I explain you the story behind the tracks we record during our travel, what challenges we had while recording and mixing and more.

Check it out and hit the subscribe button

Audio engineering is the perfect balance between a joyful, creative art and technical knowledge.

Dan Worral makes excellent tutorials to bring your understanding of our job technically further.

His tutorials don’t get boring, you can try it for yourself and learn a LOT, check it out !

Marvelously well we are back with Warren Huart.

I think this is the best, free, full, in deep tutorial for beginners to the topic “How to Record”

He will guide you from episode 1, what is sound until episode 16, how to use the patch bay right, enjoy !

You need to check out this guy Michael White and his youtube channel

It’s unbelievable that someone put’s so much professional and high quality information for free on youtube.

Free in depth mixing course, Mastering course, Product reviews, career development, explanations how original vintage gear works, no questions stay unanswered.

Alone the vocabulary you learn is worth everything and you learn how to communicate with other engineers, thumbs up !

Best free Series about Mastering that is out there – Jonathan Wyner – the Izotope “In house” Mastering engineer – is just an amazing teacher

Get professional insight view to Mastering with real life examples that you will come across sooner or later – so be prepared and go one step further in your career with this great series “Are you listening”

Coming back to the Boss Mister Steve Albini and his 6 videos tutorial “Mixing analogue”, especially now were small home studios are more common as well as mixing in the box.

It’s very inspiring and informative to see how records were made in the past.
Steve Albini guides you step-by-step through the analog process, how to setup tape machines and more.

I learned a lot during this 6 hour course, especially to use less plugins in the Box and why to do so.

Ever wondered about this mid range brutal Queens Of The Stone Age sound on “Songs for the Deaf” ?

Eric Valentine show’s you how to go for it in this amazing Tutorial .. a loooot of midrange 😉

This is also a complete series with more songs and different styles !

Let’s go to another topic, Mastering – Many clients of mine often confuse Mastering, Mixing and Recording.

As this is a complete other world I believe this is the best explanation how mastering works !

That’s a AWESOME series, check it out !

Warren Huart again from Produce Like A Pro explaining us with the great producer Dave Jerden the whole story of Alice In Chains – Man in the Box .

This guy is a class A true Rock’n’Roll producer, very inspiring !

Another fantastic series especially for guitar player – Rig Rundown by gives you the best insight view of your favorite Rock’n’Roll artists and what they use on stage – From Metallica to ACDC (guess how much amps Angus Young have on tour) – I like this one very much with Tom Morello

Here I found an awesome video about vocal recording from “Soulsound“, especially technically explanation to the different microphones as well as reflexions and much more, for me this video is worth gold, enjoy !

Straight forward and Technical Information about miking techniques and more can be found here at the “RecordingMag” channel, check out the tutorial about Mid-Side recording and why it’s so great:

Wondering how to use the M/S technique on drums ? I like this guy, sharing this technique and explain it in a very good way:

Another cool series by Matt Sweeney called guitar moves – This guy make amazing interviews about the artists signature style.

He discuss the individual style of Joshua Homme, Lemmy Kilmister, Keith Richard, Ace Frehley and more interesting people, check it out definitely if you love to play guitar !

One of the last interviews with the one and only Lemmy

You don’t know Eddie Kramer ? He did Led Zeppelin, Hendrix and many many more ! Another amazing series, this time from “Mix with The masters” where fans and readers from the Sound on Sound magazine ask questions to the greatest, well known engineers, enjoy !

A fantastic show with a lot of information all around mixing and recording, very nice interviews with several engineers from every genre, don’t miss the show “Pensado’s Place

Check this inspiring lesson with Mr. Andrew Scheps and his unique humor, I learned a lot here:

This is a great and quick tutorial with Andrew Scheps (Metallica, Jay-Z..) I like the way he’s explaining his moves, check out all videos and learn a bit while he’s mixing Green Day’s single “Bang Bang”

We are again here with Mixing with the Masters, they have fantastic interviews live from the AES 2017 with top mixers, here I chose Tchad Baker, check it out:

Another Mixing with Mike- again its a very informational YouTube channel where Mike explains many many plugins really really good, perfect when unsure if you should get a plugin for example or even how the original gear were built and why it sounds so characteristic, veeeery very helpful, Subscribe 😉

Bobby Orwinski did a lot to share the knowledge how to mix, record, master, prepare your studio, isolation for your studio and more – He have his own Blog for Sound People, Podcasts, wrote books, made free and payed online courses … awesome guy !!!

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Mixing & Engineering Books

The Recording Engineers Handbook – Bobby Orwinski

The Mixing Engineers Handbook – Bobby Orwinski

The Mastering Engineers Handbook – Bobby Orwinski

My first book I started to read and finished to read 😉 Bobby Orwinski have a very logical way to mix and is very very good in bringing this knowledge to people – I like also the interviews at the end of the book with different engineers from different genres.

He have three series for everyone and you will really learn the basic and advanced topics for audio production and how it is all connected from the beginning to the end – it gave me a better insight view in every production to make the next steps easier for the next engineer.

Mixing with your Mind – Michael Paul Stavrou

AFTER THAT – My favorite Book that my bro Crid Aupy recommended me is this and I love the different view and the personalized style from Paul, his great humor, his 100 % professionalism and the big inspiration this book gave me, to see the job with another view.

No “fairy dust” magic, straight advises, good explanations and analogies, encourage to experiment and to use your ears, check it out.

Handbook Acoustic’s – Ken C. Pohlmann & Durango, Colorado

Okay, we are able to make our hands dirty now but what about troubleshooting ? What about the sound ? How to become a sound master ? No way around Physics my friend, number one book, recommended by Steve Albini I took it – checked it – and it’s awesome.

Der Tonmeister: Mikrofonierung akustischer Instrumente in der Popmusik: Live- und Studiosetups”

Another Fantastic book I read (only in german available) is this one – honestly I saved my Ass when I met the Moroccan Orchestra and they agreed to record I read the last pages and checked the images and orientated only on this and my ears, so it gave me the confidence to make my first, real good record – Thanks Simon for borrowing this.

Sylvia Massy – Recording Unhinged

Recording Audio is a passion for me – after learning all technical standards and how to use all tools in a great manner it’s time to experiment and forget about it – experiment and play and try new way’s to define a new sound !
That’s what the book is about, to enjoy and love what you are doing – I highly recommend this for engineers that are stuck in the endless loop of watching technical YouTube videos and take them holy and as the only way !

George Martin – All you need is ears

I love to read books from Producers to get the mindset and the idea – so why not starting by the man who discovered the Beatles ?Awesome books, check out George Martins story behind the Beatles and get inspired !

Mixing with Impact by Wessel Oltheten

Wonderful book, I highly recommend that one after you are sure with the basics, it explains the basics again but with excellent examples, explained in a technical and natural way. There are golden tipps and tricks inside to bring your mixes way faster to the result you imagine – HOT HOT HOT !

Mixing & Engineering Articles

Check out this Amazing article about Guitar Amp recording with sound files to compare the techniques of the biggest known Recording Engineers, provided by the best online magazine “Sound on Sound”

The best page for Guitar Recording I found in the net is – If you are beginner or advanced player, you will find definitely new inspirations and learn something new on your way – This article provides you the know how to chose the best Microphones for recording acoustic guitar’s, check it out !

Hundreds of videos for every genre is available at the WAVES webpage, an own section with tutorials – Of course they show also their products but you don’t need them necessarily to get the same result worth checking !

IZOTOPE – This is an awesome professional blog, tipps & tricks about:

Mixing | Mastering | Music Production | Audio Repair | Recording | Artists stories | Songwriting

WAVES Learning tutorials


WAVES From Demo to Master – Mix 8 Tracks – Guided

The Pro Audio Files” have a ton of material about the whole sound world, all you need, all you didn’t need and all you don’t knew that it exist, explained really really good – there is a payed option that I’m not using right now but I check all their new and free articles and mixing tips that are available on youtube, sign up for the newsletter !!!

EVERYTHING you need to know about establishing your Band and catch foot in this business by KEXP, free tutorials and articles all around MASTERING THE HUSTLE 🙂 respect, check it out!

Here is for example one article, how to mix and layer several acoustic guitars – sounds beautiful !

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