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Interviews and new music

Hey hey,

While the winter knocked at our polish doors I use the occasion to finish the next mixes (There is a lot more material for you)

Also I have new Bands to record in December / January and a visit in TelAviv in February with some mic’s

The first thing I would love to share with you is the radio interview in with my friend Mauryc at his “Fat Thursday Sessions” – I talked in polish about our travel to Morocco and we played music recorded by Hit The Road Music Studio

The funny thing is, I’m not from Poland and speak polish so check it out 😉

A masterpiece is ready, recorded in only 40 minutes in Morocco Essaouira – the wonderful Band ‘Andalucious’ and their song
Ya lyahoud ou muslemin

The lyrics are wonderful (Available in English, Polish and German) !!!

Each one is different but we are all equal and should spend our time to live in peace together 🙂

Here you can find more from Andalucious 

What’s next ? Ady The Soundguy (me) needs also some fun so where is better fun than with good old friends ?

Enjoy the video and the song that I did together with ‘Jack Finger’ in France – we had an incredible time in Berlin playing the bars together in the past 🙂

Back to interviews, during our time in Morocco I was Interviewed by the Magazin L’Observateur du Maroc & d’Afrique and it was very very lovely 🙂 It is in french this time but google translate is very accurate with it, here is the full >> interview <<

Here is a short snapshot from the interview:

Essaouira is a particular city because it chose to use music as a means of resistance against obscurantism, against intolerance, against amnesia … What do you think?

Music connects people, regardless of race, religion or skin color. Diversity has never been a barrier to music, that’s what makes it so beautiful. It’s a very good lesson for me because we share the same values, and we just want peace for everyone. That’s why the music is so special. And since I live in Krakow, a very cosmopolitan city, we are used to seeing several artists from different religions playing together!


Thanks and stay tuned for more,


Ady The Soundguy