Welcome !

Hit The Road Music Studio is rolling now officially through the world and we are more than excited to meet new artists and bring them to you !

We already have new music from Berlin, still some tracks from Israel and more from Krakow

Also we are in contact with some interesting new artists and awesome places, so stay tuned for more 🙂


But now, we like to share a very special, colourful band with you, Choque Sonidero from Krakow

“Choque Sonidero” is a South American Band based in Krakow with musicians from Latin America and Europe

No band fits better to the vibe and style of the city:

Colourful, playful, party, loud, multicultural and with a lot of power and on the top just awesome people!

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The first song “Varga Varga” is a Chico Trujillo cover – The masters of modern cumbia and Latino Dance music


The second song is a old Cumbia song, often covered and renewed, called “El Electrico”

Special thanks to “Pracownia pod Baranami” to let us record in their place

Muchas Gracias and dziekuje to the musicians:

Trumpet Damien Beneschi
Trombone Ricardo Solar
Saxophone Ins
Saxophone Jose Arcadio
Bass Francisco Arevalo
Guitar Alberto Miorin
Timbales Paul Chapman
Drums Liliana Zieniawa
Keyboards Don Jarana
Augusto Lucio Guiro

The Band chorque sonidero