Prices are individual and shouldn’t be a barrier for artists, so don’t be scared to contact me if you have a smaller budget, I will get back to you and we will find a way.

Claim your free Master – If needed, Mastering is for free when you get a mix


How does Remote Recording / Mixing works ?

I use the software “Audio Movers” that allows us to our Mixes from the DAW in real time to your browser without quality loss.
With “Zoom” we can establish a remote connection and I can take over your laptop to help with Editing, Recording & Mixing – So we are still able to work together on songs ! Requirement is an Audio Interface & working internet connection

How much cost a mix ?

This depends on the complexity of your project and the Bands budget and needs

Are the tracks ready for mixing or do you need editing, Vocal comping and decisions from my side which drum take is the best ?

Just contact me and request a quote, I’m happy to call you back.

Is it possible to send tracks for mixing only ?

Yes, I offer also remote mixing for your tracks – it’s perfect because we can do it remotely, not depended where we are currently in the world

We don’t have the money to pay the prices on your page, is it still possible to work together ?

Just send me your offer with your music and more infos about you, I am Musician since 20 years and love good music and to help young artists to move on in their career.
Because I can learn a lot from you, so just write me !

Don’t hesitate to use the form above and fill out the fields for Budget and what you need

I will contact you back