Mastering is included when I Mix your songĀ  for every platform & medium


Is it possible to send tracks for mixing only ?

Yes, I offer primary remote mixing for your tracks – it’s perfect because we can do it remotely, not depended where we are currently in the world

How much cost a mix ?

This depends on the complexity of your project and the Bands budget and needs

Are the tracks ready for mixing or do you need editing, Vocal comping and decisions from my side which drum take is the best ?

Just contact me and request a quote, I’m happy to call you back.

Are you able to do editing, vocal tuning, midi drums and all of the Audio Engineers work ?

Yes, I am able to do it but I do not offer it as a special service. Through the years recording Bands in every level of skills & editing all breaths out of many 2 Podcasts, I got fast and precise in editing.
Also I am musician since 21 years and I’m fit in midi drum programming & vocal tuning as well for an extra cost for the service.

What happen after we contact you ?

After I receive your message we will setup a call and clear all points to make the best record ready for you and talk about the price as well.

What is the difference between mixing and mastering ?

Mixing is the process of adjusting the individual tracks/individual instruments in a mix, and audio mastering typically only deals with the stereo output of a mix.

Music mastering comes after mixing and is the last creative musical process before releasing a song or album.

A good mastering engineer can also make a collection of songs feel like an album, glueing them all together.

What gear do you use ?

Great question! I don’t post a gear list, and here’s why:

I strive to operate my business with the highest level of integrity, and getting into a “gear-list war” with the many mixing engineers who post fake gear lists isn’t a battle worth fighting.

If you’d like to hear what I can do for your music, please send me a song for a free mix and mastering sample.

You can’t fake great music mixing and I find doing a free mixing sample for people demonstrates the amazing quality and awesome results that I offer better than anything else.

Can you mix my tracks on time when you’re on the road ?

Yes, yes and yes. Every project that I do is planed in advance and gets its full attention.

I get a quiet place to be undisturbed and mix your Songs like any other Engineer on this planet

Do you charge extra for revisions ?

No, my approach is different. I see your Music as an art form and guarantee you, that your mix will sound the way you want it.

That’s my strongest point, to collaborate with you and realise your vision, while I take care of the necessary technical side, so your tracks will sound competitive and strong together with commercial releases.

If you want changes after the Song is delivered, signed off and you want changes afterwards there will be a fee.

How does Remote Recording / Mixing works ?

I use the software “Audio Movers” that allows us to our Mixes from the DAW in real time to your browser without quality loss.

With “Zoom” we can establish a remote connection and I can take over your laptop to help with Editing, Recording & Mixing.

So we are still able to work together on songs ! Requirement is an Audio Interface & working internet connection.