First records ready for 2019 and new Equipment

Happy new Year everyone !

I hope you’re doing good and have a lot of fresh, musical ideas.

The year is already amazing and I recorded two new artist already and finished one more podcast for

We finished the Bass Recordings for Portuguese Artist Thunder Sole to move on with his Album – The next 12 sessions will be dedicated for Guitars Only !

After this Bass session we had a great production with the Surf Rock combo from Russia, Alex Pushnov and Nikita – Amazing guitar player, cool character and good vibes.

For this year we will travel to TelAviv to record some more interesting artists – also we are getting our Recording Van to find more artists and traditional music as well as interesting musicians from all around the globe.

Every good Studio needs good equipment and it is hard to get all the vintage stuff into the Van AND live there so I speed up and get more and more interesting and helpful plugins to guarantee the best quality for your records, no matter where we are.

My favorites so far are the Abbey Road collection, the SSL Channel Strips and Compressor, Classical CLA 76 comp’s, Kramer PIE comp and channel strip, GTR 3.5, the Waves Platinum Bundle and many many … many more 😉

Also please feel free to listen to the polish podcast about the creative life by Kasia from mixed by us and learn how to use your full creative potential in 10 easy steps >> To the Podcast << 

Stay tuned for more as there are many many more projects already planed until march 2019 !!!