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Berlin sessions – 3 new, mind blowing Rock’n’Roll tracks

Whats up !

It’s time for new music – this time we went to Rock’n’Roll “Sin City” Berlin for 7 days to bring you fresh tunes and artists and to meet some good old friends


Three Marias

3 guy’s from 3 different countries met together to play a powerful mix of Psychedelic, 60’s Surf Rock – for sure they have their own style, check out the track we recorded together “Fun Guy” – as a Bonus you can find the making of here <<<<<

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Get all their tracks on Bandcamp

Cool what ? So check out the next artist we met thanks to the crazy guys above


One Man – one guitar – one looper and his fx pedals Beatbox with industrial touch

the voice and lyrics dark like Tom Waits and Nick Cave, this is “Crossmoke” from Portugal

We did two tracks with him, #1 is his song “God”, get a bitter taste his view about this still controverse topic



His second song is called “Birds” and is about his feeling to a special person, brand new written and first time performed live while we saw his gig in Berlin at BarBobu, check it out:


Crossmoke Instagram

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I like to thank the artists for this great experience and hope you enjoy the music the same we do, this are great bands that fit 100% to the Berliner Rock N Roll lifestyle !


Stay tuned for more music, thanks for checking,