Here you will find the songs and projects that I either Recorded | Edited & Mixed | Produced = Full production

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All Artists

Cheap Flights Produced | 1# Waterfall

  Daraa Tribes - Waha & La Klagh

Tasuta N-Imal Produced 2 singles - Amekraz | Tyili n Zin

Izouran N-Sahara - 3 videos | Full Album (April 2020)

The "B-Sides" Trio - 4 Tracks

Simo Curly, Produced the song "Obscure"  video 

Projekt Kobieta - Produced 2 Tracks "Dab" & "Piesn do Tanca"

Andalucious, produced the song "يا ليهود و مسلمين - Ya lyahoud ou muslemin"

Baba Diabate - "Baba" & "Labonkasi"

Yvonne La Nuit, Produced the song  "Human" with Interview

Three Marias Produced "Fun Guy"

Manouela Menty, Produced the song "Lama Bada Yatathana"

Ashtray, Produced the song "No man can fall"

Choque Sonidero Produced "Varga Varga" and "El Electrico"

Crossmoke Produced "God" and "Birds"

Matias Coulon - Washing Away

The Pirate of Mogador - Why Not Now

Kreatologia Record, Edit and Mix for her podcast

Kołtun, played Rhythm/Solo's and mixed in the song "Na Froncie" (Music Video)

Kołtun, Produced the self titled Album "Kołtun"

Emma Sahara & The Pachamama's - Lua

Skinny Pigeon - Produced Aggressive Authority

Manouela Menty and Elody Graff, Produced the song "Ederlezi"

Lala Tamar & Darya Mosenzon Produced "Win Nbatou"

Anas BelhachemiAndalucious & Hay Korkos, produced full Jam Session in Morocco

Alon Melamed Produced "Burning Through us" and "Priestly blessing"

Ariel Keynan Produced "Amy" and "Much to Say"

Bassam Joyn, Produced "I never tought"

Liliana Zieniawa - 4 Jazz Tracks

Teo Szulc Quartet, Produced "A Multitude of Shades"

Enigneered & Co-Produced the new "KYZZ" Album (release 2020)

Wygnani Produced their Album "Nihilizm"

Cebulandia Produced the 5 Track EP "Satanik"