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Alon Melamed – “Do not Push the Inspiration” – Interview

Alon Melamed and his wonderful and expressive songs from the creative and wonderful town Ein Kerem in Israel.

We were invited to Jerusalem to see the unique concert with 40 musicians on stage, old friends that we met in Morocco last year, 2018, playing Andalusian music.

After that we were greatly hosted by our friend Amitie in Ein Kerem and we considered to meet a sound guy there to discuss recording a concert in Jerusalem

There we met this super nice guy Alon, had a coffee and talked a bit about music.

Our feeling decided quick to leave the concert aside and go to Alon’s flat and record two songs with him and 2 songs with his friend Ariel Keynan – We had a great evening and a truly tasty dinner together.

We were welcome lovely by Alon and his wife and knew that the decision was right.

But who is he and where his inspiration comes from ? Why he thinks that “the arts save us from the truth”  and where does his inspiration comes from ?

Read more below in the Interview and check out his tracks that we recorded together.


Part 1 – Who are you ?


Shalom my friend, thank you for taking your time for this interview 🙂

At the beginning, please introduce yourself: Who are you and where do you come from, where do you live ?

Hello everyone..

My name is Alon Melamed and I was born and raised in Upper Jerusalem.

I make music since I’m 15, writing and composing original music, playing the guitar, piano and wind instruments.

Nowadays I live in a beautiful village near Jerusalem, Ein Karem, an ancient and special village so I highly recommend to visit it when you come to Israel.


We know that every name in Israel have a meaning, what does your name stand for ?

The meaning of my name in Hebrew is “oak tree”

There is a story in the Bible about the oak tree, in which Abraham buries his wife’s nanny.

Also in the Greek language the meaning of the name is sadness.


What makes this place “Ein Kerem” so special ?

Ein Kerem is an ancient village that served as a station for pilgrims to Jerusalem.

You will find many churches and mosques in this village that are used by pilgrims for prayer and religious ceremonies.

There is a wonderful place surrounded by hills, nature and a spring that’s used for drinking and agriculture.

Today many musicians and artists are living in the village and it is a focal point for pilgrimage to all religions.


Part 2 – Let the music flow


The first song we released is called “Burning Through us” and it’s really wonderful, especially the lyrics, can you tell us more about the meaning behind it ?

What inspired you to write this song ?

The song talks about the gap that exists between us, our desires and the actual life around us.

I feel that our brains and our patterns in life do not allow us to see the forces we have to live a full life.
What I mean is, that God “sees” us far more than we perceive ourselves.

“God” is actually burning our way and we need to allow this force to pass through us by letting go of misconceptions about ourselves and others.

The song was was inspired when I looked at my friends – The ones who are looking for a relationship and love but can not find it for some reason.

I wrote the poetic song to open their hearts and open a gate to our high parts who seek love and relationships – not as a consumer product but as an opportunity to touch this pure love.


That’s a wonderful message my friend, below you can listen to his song “Burning Through us”


Please tell us, what are you doing for living – music only or do you have another Job ?

I work since 10 years at the club for youth at risk and run a music project there – A room where we play music together.

Also I create music with the “Melamed Boys” as well as the manager of the ensembles.


How necessary is travel for you ? What do you think: Would it make a better world if everyone could get the chance to travel and see other places ? 

Traveling is a way of life for me, in Israel and abroad because I think leaving our comfort zone expands our brain capabilities.

Getting out of routine is a very important thing in this world that directs us to habits and routines.

The possibility of seeing that there are many possibilities in life in the world opens up a window for us to choose to live a fuller life that is related to our deepest desires

And not to settle for the way of life that has taught us to live.


Cool, you play the guitar and sing, are there any more instruments you are playing ?

I play many instruments! 

Because I play the guitar, I got easily access to various string instruments, such as Arabic and Turkish string instruments.

I also play different types of flutes – Indian flutes and Arab flute.

Also I started in the last years to play the piano as well as studying music theory.


Okay, let’s move on to the second song we recorded together – I love it and use it since then for my meditations to let loose, it’s very deep peaceful so we like to share it with you:


 Part 3 – Art, Inspiration and it’s role



Please share your opinion with us, what role does the artist have in society for you ?

I think lately there is a flood of musicians who are not necessarily artists.

I believe the role of the artist is to awaken the world towards a more fulfilling life and an understanding of what is really important in life.

As they say, “the art save us from the truth”


I do not think an artist should concentrate only on his self-realization as well as with his personal success – it’s not interesting.

A craftsman should see himself as a kind of messenger to awaken the hearts and bring the world better.


How do you work on your songs ? Do you start with the melody and arrangement and add the lyrics on top of it or is there no rule in your way of writing and composing ?

I usually play around with a harmonious move that came to my mind and develop it further and then suddenly at a certain moment – maybe even a years later – words come out of nowhere.

Then I grab the closest piece of paper and write the lyrics down – Later I edit and order them a little but, sometimes adding more words.

These are, of course, my favorite songs I like to share, but sometimes I try to write for myself. Most of them are songs that I like more and some of them less.


What inspires you the most for a new song, where does this inspiration come from ?

It’s hard for me to point on it .. When I try to write a new song I usually get a little stuck, soI prefer a song to come in his own time and in his own way.

That is why I do not write many poems but wait for them to come.


And what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your life ?

Do not push the inspiration – Let her come on her own.


Please tell us about your first concert as this is usually a special moment in every musicians life – when and where was it and how was the feeling for you ?  

I can not remember clearly my first performance but can say that the first show I remember and was important to me was the first time I performed alone with my original songs.

Until then I performed with different ensembles, the first time I appeared alone, I understood the meaning of being a musician, the desire to share my inner world through music and words.


Alon, Musicians like you give us the inspiration to move on with the project !

At the end I like to ask you: How was the experience for you to meet outside on the street and record two of your songs with “Hit The Road Music Studio” ?


I think my meeting with you was simply amazing and gave me a lot of inspiration and admire what you do.

It’s just so special that you both do what you’re doing out of true love for music and art.

Honestly I’m happy to participate in such a project myself and believe such a project can bring peace to the world, just like that.

You are amazing!!

We hope that we will meet again in another place in the world.


Oh man, toda brother, it was inspiring to meet you, thanks for this lovely words.

Do you like greet someone special ? 🙂

Just want to say thanks for the opportunity and for this charming meeting together.

Thanks Adrian and Kasia!

Thank you so much for your time, I hope our ways cross one day again !!! Toda !!!


That’s it, thanks for reading the Interview and checking out what is happening, I hope you got inspired

Below you find some more tracks from Alon Melamed – Enjoy and stay tuned for more

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