More than happy to announce the Album release!

This is the third Album from Polish Rock/Reggae/Punk Band “Ko?tun”, based in Krakow – it is self-titled “Ko?tun”

This time the songs are biting with smart and critical lyrics talking about our times – you have a view into Andrzej’s (Frontman) thoughts, expressing what is in his mind.

You will get powerful drums, cutting-the-edge guitars and a smooth bass and catchy lyrics in tracks like Burzymy Mury

The songwriting and compositions are a thoughtful inspiring journey into 80’s and 90’s Punk Rock and surprising crossover tracks you never heard before with space for improvisation, without limitation.

Enjoy song’s like “Pod twa obrona” and “Gleba”, our recommendation is to listen the Album from the beginning to the end to get the full idea of the album.

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Enjoy and let us know what you think !
released July 20, 2019

Music and songs written by Andrzej Bush Cichon

Performed by the band “Ko?tun” in this formation:

Adrian “Ady” Parzentny – solo guitar, vokal
Micha? “Duszek” Duszkiewicz – bass, vokal
Tomek “Daszbór” Zadwórny – percussion, vokal
Andrzej “Busz” Ciocho? – vokal, rhythm guitar

Production by: Hit The Road Music Studio

Thank you for this great time !

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