About the Studio

Welcome to Hit The Road Music Studio, a unique concept to unite artists all around the world

About the Project

We live in a Camper and have a full music studio with us incl. cameras to travel the world and record interesting artists in interesting places.

The idea behind is to show the beauty in diversity of cultures and our way to bring this message is through the universal language of music .. and I just love to record, mix and master.

That’s why we record artists in every kind of genre: From Classic, to Balkan, Arabic, Cumbia, Rock, Metal, Folk, Punk … it just have to be honest !

Check out the Artists and My Work & Offer section for tracks that I recorded in the past, I warmly recommend the Hit the Road Music studio Playlist on YouTube

Who am I ?

I played already in two (Punk) bands starting at the age of 11 and since then I’m an active musician playing different styles and discover always new way’s to express my self and unleash my creativity

On the other side …

Today is life tomorrow ... never comes | Ady in chefchaouen / morocco

Recording in Chefachouen / Morocco

… I had many technical job’s and a full education in electronics and could combine them in my time as part of the local crew for big event’s in Berlin and around, from Deep Purple, Iron Maiden to German TV Show’s and more.

Rock N Roll and a good time !

In 2017 I found my passion in sound engineering as it combines the musical and technical side of me – a creative new fusion.

Sound guy

Tracking Drums for 3 singles with Andre Malho from “Cheap Flights”

After my personal studies online, practical and sharing knowledge with sound engineers I started this project and combined even traveling & recording with a fantastic result.

I love to use unusual, creative production methods when there is space for it during the session.

With 60 productions in the last year I could gain a lot of knowledge and practice for recording, mixing and mastering and especially about the musicians needs to make a record – to bring your songs to the next level !

Check out my work, I improve my skills everyday and when you have any questions feel free to contact me.

What’s so cool about a mobile record studio ?

We can record your songs wherever you feel comfortable !

I have awesome mic’s for every instrument and situation as well as industry standard software from Izotope and a ton of Waves plugins, from vintage compressor, synths to modern channel plugins to do the best job quick and creative.

Any questions ?

I will help you with every question regarding your record, how to prepare for it to get the most of your performance and make it a personal, unique experience:

– You can book me for a record session or send me your tracks for mixing/mastering
– I can help you to Record and edit your podcast
– Assist you with the full post production
– Help you to produce/compose your songs and bring them to a new level

Contact me if you have any questions, want to join the project, leave a comment, drop a mail or add me on Facebook –
Ady Non Serviam

I’m excited and looking forward to get this thing rollin’ with you, this is our creative path, join us on this journey !

Thanks for checking, enjoy the music and I hope to see you to record some fat tracks,

Ady the Soundguy

Here some old and new pic’s:


Band insolvaent is playing

10 years with German PunkRock Band “Insolvaent”

Fixing Frequency issues in a crapy room for a fat bass

Local Crew at Iron Maiden gig in Berlin

Show Crew for Deep Purple in Berlin

Ady the soundguy

I don’t bite