Yo what’s up ?

We have something wonderful to share with you, the Movie “Imagine” !

Whilst the world is forced to pause or postpone many traditional means of celebration, this year we are marking Refugee Week 2020 digitally with the release of Imagine, a short film by Compass Collective in partnership with Migration Matters Festival.

Created in isolation by young people from across the UK, this film combines spoken word, animations, lockdown stories and songs, and invites everyone to celebrate the creativity and contribution of those seeking sanctuary in tumultuous circumstances.

I’m proud to be part of it and Produced 2 Tracks for free to support this wonderful Project, enjoy the full movie and animations !

Music Producer Credits Adrian Parzentny Hit The Road Music Studio

Thank you for this wonderful collaboration and I hope you enjoy the movie the same way we did, it’s really beautiful!

All the best,